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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Chrooma Keyboard Android App Download From PlayStore 2021

Chrooma Keyboard Android App Download From PlayStore 2021 :- Chrooma Keyboard is a lightweight, emoticon console that adjusts its shading subject to the application you are utilizing.

As indicated by Chrooma Keyboard is "the best Android application delivered in all of 2016"


Chrooma Keyboard is fueled by a keen man-made reasoning that gives you a superior logical expectation.

Chrooma has another select neural activity line that encourages you with emoticons, numbers, and accentuation recommendations!

Furthermore, if emoticon are insufficient for you, with Chrooma Keyboard you can look and send all the GIFs you need!

Chrooma Keyboard consistently fit your style because of its elevated level of personalization (console topics, text style styles, emoticon styles, console size ...)

Versatile Themes :-


Emoticon Support

Our console upholds programmed emoticon recommendations and encourages you by giving you your most-utilized emoticon.

Chrooma underpins a wide range of emoticon: iOS emoticon, iPhone emoticon, and Android emoticon.

Chrooma is constantly refreshed to help the most recent emojis accessible.

Hued Navbar

Chrooma Keyboard consequently changes the shade of your navbar as per the application you are utilizing

Motions Integrated

A ton of signals, to quick erase, erase all, move the cursor, quick choice!

Multilanguage composing

With Chrooma Keyboard you can write in numerous dialects at the same time without exchanging the console without fail.

One Hand Mode and Split Layout

Actuate the one hand mode to type quicker with only one thumb!

Do you have a huge screen? The split design will help you composing quicker!

Motion composing

Worn out on tapping? You can compose everything just by swiping your thumb over the console.

Night Mode

Chrooma Keyboard can change naturally the shading tone when low light is distinguished.

You can likewise set a clock and program the night mode.

...furthermore, substantially more!


|| Click Here To Download APK ||


For more information, search Chrooma Keyboard on Google a lot Plus.

Chrooma Keyboard includes various versatile and bright console subjects. All the topics are exquisite and will accommodate your telephone style.

However, Chrooma Keyboard isn't only a lovely console it's additionally a keen profitability device.

These are only the absolute coolest highlights you will discover in Chrooma Keyboard :

GIF search

With Chrooma Keyboard you have a committed GIF tab to look and send all the GIFs you need! Chrooma's GIF is upheld by pretty much every application. 

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Insurances And Its Types

Insurances And Its Types :- A lawful game plan for the ​insurance​, called the ​insurance ​policy, is acquired between the safety net provider ​and the ​insured​. The ​insurance ​policy gives portrayals of the terms and circumstances in which the ​insurance ​provider will pay either the ​insured ​person or the competitor the ​insurance ​sum.

Protection ​is an approach to cover yourself from monetary dangers and your family. By and large, regarding cash paid, the rate for a significant ​insurance ​cover is a lot more modest. This danger is taken by the protection ​provider to have a high cover with a little expense in light of the fact that not many concealed people really end guaranteeing the ​insurance​. This is the reason you get ​insurance ​at a low cost for an enormous total.



Sorts of protection :-

Life ​insurance :-

In case of your unfavorable passing, you acquire life ​insurance ​to guarantee that your wards are monetarily secured. On the off chance that you are the essential provider for your family or if your family depends vigorously on your compensation, life ​insurance ​is particularly significant. Under life ​insurance​, the group of the policyholder is monetarily remunerated if the policyholder terminates inside the arrangement term.

Wellbeing ​insurance :-

For exorbitant therapies, wellbeing ​insurance ​is got to cover clinical costs. An assortment of diseases and conditions are covered by different types of wellbeing ​insurance ​plans. Just as arrangements for singular diseases, you can purchase a normalized wellbeing ​insurance ​policy. For the most part, the superior charged by a medical care strategy takes care of the expense of a medical procedure, hospitalization, and drug.

Vehicle protection :-

In this day and age, for any ​car ​owner, ​car protection ​is a significant strategy. This ​insurance shields you from wounds, for example, untoward occurrences. During normal disasters, for example, floods or tremors, a few approaches likewise make up for harm to your vehicle. It additionally requires outsider obligation in the event that you need to take care of punishments to different proprietors of ​cars​.

Home protection :-

We as a whole fantasy about claiming ​homes ​of our own. ​Home protection ​can help cover the misfortune or mischief to your ​home ​caused by episodes, for example, fire and other cataclysmic events or perils. ​Home protection ​protects different cases, for example, lightning, seismic tremors, and so forth


You can buy a ​insurance ​policy disconnected just as on the web, be it life ​insurance​, wellbeing insurance​, or general ​insurance​. Much like there are ​insurance ​brokers who can help you purchase an approach, there are likewise sites from which you can buy a strategy. Guarantee that prior to picking and putting resources into a ​insurance ​policy, you have done your ​homework​.

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History of old computer viruses

History of old computer viruses :- However long PCs have been steady enough to be helpful, individuals have consistently figured out how to discover approaches to cause issues, and the best method to cause a commotion on the PCs is through malware and PC infections.


 These PC infections are like the natural infection, they enter the PC and begin duplicating and growing the infection documents in that specific PC. By one PC being influenced by an infection if and if there is any exchange in information to another PC from the influenced one then it makes the other PC likewise be influenced by that infection.


The possibility of this independent self-repeating substance was first outlined by John Von Neumann during the 1940s however the primary PC infection was found or made in 1971 named "Creeper". This infection went through numerous PCs and didn't leave any follow aside from it left a message on all the casualty PCs expressing " I'M THE CREEPER: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN ". 


Infections and its progression:

The further developed form of this had the option to make duplicates of itself in the PCs making it likewise the principal PC worm. Later a PC researcher named Ray Tomlinson made the "Collector" to tidy up the wreck the "Creeper" left in the PCs it influenced. In 1975 a PC game called "Creature" was very well known among the PC clients, it was a book based game that asks you a progression of inquiries and it surmises the name of the creature.

This game in the foundation had the option to make duplicates of the game documents to each organizer inside the PC lastly making the PC crash. Despite the fact that this was accidental it was as yet the primary PC focusing on assault.

In 1982 Richar Skrenta an Apple-II devotee, around then systems administration between PCs was uncommon and troublesome yet he had the option to make the world's first hurtful PC infection that could imitate and change the records present in the boot area of the PCs and this would crush the entire framework. Later on, the making of PC infections has become a side interest to the individuals and various such infections and malware were made.

As of late the infections have been made so that they stay undetectable however stay inside the PC and checking your activities and whoever made the infection can get to all the data that measures on the objective PC. Some high level form of infections has prompted trojans and other stuff that are identified with hacking.

End :

Hacking is only sending an infection so the hunter could access the objective and because of this numerous fakes and crimes occurred as by being a casualty all the individual information, for example, bank subtleties, and so forth could be gotten to by who started the assault.

To remain protected from such assaults it is smarter to have a decent quality enemy of infection as they keep up customary outputs and search the PC records for any unfamiliar documents that could be hurtful.

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Birds Voice Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere 2021

Birds Voice Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere 2021 :-Bird Calls, Sounds & Ringtones is a ringtone app for your Android™ phone or tablet that can be a nice choice for bird lovers, bird sounds connoisseurs and even those who don’t know much about bird calls and noises, but still enjoy a beautiful birdsong.




Enjoy the sounds of nature! Set a bird ringtone as an alarm, notification sound or an SMS sound and feel like you are in the woods far away from the noise of the cities. Use these bird sounds to help you sleep. Different bird sounds and songs can be an alternative way for you to relax and get away. Get your bird ringtones app now and let the songs of birds express how you feel!


        120+ bird calls and sounds to choose from
        Set bird calls and sounds as a ringtone / contact ringtone / alarm sound / notification sound
        Set timer to play the bird sound
        Set widget button of favorite bird songs and sounds on your phone home screen
         Beautiful bird pictures to use as your phone wallpapers


In this bird call app there are 121 bird sounds that you can use a bird call identifier. If you are more interested in songbirds, you can then always choose the one that fits you best such as a kookaburra, skylark, blue jay and warbler. And of course, who can resist the beautiful singing birds such as nightingales, cardinals and sparrows.

There are also the sounds of predatory birds the most famous of which are owls, hawks, eagles, falcons and buzzards.

If you are more of the exotic side, then your best choice would be a peacock, parrot, canary and budgies.

If you do not have all your ducks in a row and you are not satisfied with anything from the above, you can always choose a flamingo, or around-the-globe famous pigeon.

Download Bird Calls, Sounds & Ringtones for real enjoyment!

Legal info:

Sound clips used in Bird Calls, Sounds & Ringtones sound app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license. Sounds from this app are not commercial sounds from video games. App design and code copyright Best Ringtones Apps.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Bird Calls, Sounds & Ringtones is not endorsed by or affiliated with Google Inc.


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Maths Puzzle With Answer | Puzzle Solution 08

Maths Puzzle With Answer | Puzzle Solution 08  :- Portability is a relatively new facet introduced for mediclaim policies in India. Now, you don’t necessarily have to get your policy renewal done with the same insurer year after year. New insurers are coming with lucrative deals.

So, you can compare medical insurance companies in India and select the provider of best policies on your medical policy renewal. The portability feature of health insurance in India essentially allows mediclaim policyholders switch from one insurer to another. You can retail all your accrued benefits even if you decide to change your policy provider. 



 There are many reasons why policyholders choose to port their mediclaim policy. Mediclaim policyholders change insurers if they find an insurer with better deals. Sometimes, inefficient services by existing providers force policyholders look for a new medical insurance company in India. Ever since its introduction, portability has proved to be beneficial for policyholders. Here are the advantages of porting of health insurance in India.

You can port your mediclaim policy in India to another insurer for free.

Both individual mediclaim policy and family floater policies are eligible for mediclaim policy portability.


 Answer :

14 + 19 = 33 (insert 1 in the middle) => 313

25 + 13 = 38 (insert 2 in the middle) => 328

7 + 18 = 25 (insert 3 in the middle) => 235

10 + 40 = 50 (insert 4 in the middl e) => 540

Final answer: 540


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Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) Recruitment For 2021 FHW & MPHW 1136 Posts

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) Recruitment For 2021 FHW & MPHW 1136 Posts Municipal Corporation (SMC) Released Big Job Notification For 1136 Female Health Worker (FHW),Multi Purpose Health Worker (MPHW) & Other Posts Recruitment 2021.All Details About SMC Recruitment 2021 Given Below. 



 Corporation Recruitment 2021 :-

Corporation Name: Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC)

Total Posts :- 1136

Job Location :-Surat District

Last Date :- 13/01/2021

Posts Details :-

    Female Health Worker (FHW):487
    Multi Purpose Health Worker (MPHW):487
    Female Health Supervisor:81
    Multi Health Supervisor:81

SMC Reruitment Education Qualification :-
Female Health Worker (FHW) & Female Health Supervisor:
Candidates Should Have Passed Std 10.
Must Have Passed The Course Of Female Health Worker (FHW) From A Government Recognized Institution.

Must Have Passed ANM Course from A Recognized Institution Of Indian Nursing Council And Is Registered With Gujarat Nursing Council.
Multi Purpose Health Worker (MPHW)/Multi Health Supervisor:

Candidates Should Have Passed Std 10.
Must Have Passed The 1 Year Course Of Multi Purpose Health Worker (MPHW) From A Government Recognized Institution.
Candidates Should Have Completed Sanitary Inspector Diploma (SI) Course.

Age Limit :-
Maximum Age Limit Of All Above Posts 35 Years.

How To Apply SMC Recruitment 2021 :-
Interested And Eligible Candidates Should Be Apply Online Through Official SMC Website Before 13/01/2021.


Application Fee :-

    FHW & MPHW Posts:Rs.50/-
    Female Health Supervisor & Multi Health Supervisor:Rs.100/-

SMC Recruitment Salary :-

    FHW:Rs.19950/- (5 Year Fix)
    MPHW:19950/- (5 Year Fix)
    Female Health Supervisor:Rs.31340/- (5 Year Fix)
    Multi Health Supervisor:Rs.31340/- (5 Year Fix) 



Read Official Notification

Apply Online 

Important Dates :-

    Online Application Starting Dates:- 04/01/2021
    Last Date For Online Submitting Application:- 13/01/2021

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Amul company is giving a golden job opportunity, earning will start from the first day | News Report

Amul company is giving a golden job opportunity, earning will start from the first day | News Report :- Amul Company is offering two types of franchises, one is Amul Railway Parlor, Amul Outlet or Amul Kyonsk franchise while the other is Amul Ice Cream Scooping franchise.

 Accordingly, if you want to take the franchise of Amul Railway Parlor, Amul Outlet or Amul Kyansk, you have to invest Rs 2 lakh and if you also want to take the franchise of Amul Ice Cream Scooping, you have to invest Rs 5 lakh.


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Are You Know How To Check Online Subcidy

Are You Know How To Check Online Subcidy :-Financed cooking gas (LPG) cost was today raised by over Rs 7 for each chamber, in accordance with the administration's choice to climb costs each month so all finances are disposed of by this financial end.

 According to the warning, from today, 14.2 kg financed LPG chamber will cost Rs 1 more in Delhi and the LPG sponsorship will be moved into the recipient's ledger through direct bank move (DBT).

 Such LPG gas buyers need not to go to their merchant to request the endowment move. They can check it online by sitting at their home. What they have to do is to sign in at site from their cell phone.

Instructions to check LPG gas appropriation move on the web

Here is the bit by bit manual for check LPG gas sponsorship on the web:

1] Log in at;

2] Click at you LPG gas provider organization implies IOC, Bharat Petroleum, and so on.

3] another interface will get opened

4] Click at 'Give your input on the web' in the bar menu

5] Fill your enlisted versatile number, name, shopper number and different subtleties

6] Click at 'Input Type

7] Click at 'Next' button in the wake of choosing 'Grievance' choice

8] Your bank subtleties will open up on your PC screen; and

9] You can check whether LPG gas appropriation has been credited in your record post-conveyance of the chamber.

Read official New

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Video Downloader for Instagram, Story & Reels Download Download From Playstore 2021

Video Downloader for Instagram, Story & Reels Download Download From Playstore 2021 :- Vidma helps you save Video / Photo / Story / Reels /Highlight from Instagram and IGTV to your phone. 



 Vidma - Video downloader for Instagram, story saver, is free to use.

⭐️New features

-- You can download Instagram reels videos now!
-- With this story saver, you can save story from Instagram.
-- Save video and photo from Instagram
-- This profile picture downloader can help you to view and save insta DP in bio
-- View and save stories/ videos and profile pictures through any single Insta link.

 Download APK Now


- You should understand that the ownership, intellectual property rights and any other interests of the Video, Photo, IG Story, Reels Video even Highlight on the platform belong to its publishers or owners. We respect such legitimate rights and interests of the publishers or the owners. We recommend you to obtain permission before download and use the content, also, you shall indicate the source of the content when using the downloaded Video, Photo, IG Story, Reels Video even Highlight.

- This video downloader is not associated with Instagram.


 How to Download videos & photos
1️⃣Method 1:
① Open Instagram and copy the link of Video, Photo, IG Story, Reels Video and Highlight
② Open Vidma
You copy the link from Instagram and the download will automatically start.

2️⃣Method 2:
Click "Share" and choose Vidma.
Done! Instagram videos will be downloaded automatically on your local browser and you can enjoy such videos anytime!


Download app for Instagram
☆ Save story and highlight
☆ Save Instagram photos/videos
☆ Download video from IGTV
☆ Download video and image from private account
☆ Watch 𝗼𝗳𝗳𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 videos anytime anywhere
☆ Small sized, 𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗲
☆ Now you can download Instagram reels videos
☆ The app is 𝗦𝗮𝗳𝗲 and 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘!
☆ Multi-download videos from instagram at the same time
☆ View and Save profile picture 


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Check Online Your Vehicle’s Challan Status

Check Online Your Vehicle’s Challan Status :- Before discussing the e- challan status it's necessary to understand what's e-challan? Challan may be a payment which citizens of the country need to pay if they break any traffic rule as per the rules issued by the traffic department. Till now this payment is to be made by the citizens in specific places but because the technology becomes advanced the govt of India has launched a web challan payment portal referred to as E-Challan – Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution. For More Latest Government Jobs And Tech Updates Visit Our Educational Blog.



 What Is E-Challan? :-

e-Challan may be a modern programming application containing an Android-based portable application and web interface. The e-challan is produced to offer a radical account Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Policemen. This application is incorporated with Vahan and Sarathi applications. It also provides an abundance of features while covering every single significant usefulness of Traffic Enforcement System. The E-challan was inaugurated a couple of days back to offer challans to the people on the official app of the govt . this may not only save paper cost but also provides a wider scope to the method. This Information Is Right From Gujarat Governement. Please help Student to share it.


Objective Of E-challan :-

The Government of India wants to make payment of challan process easier and less hectic for the citizens of the country. Till now the citizens of India who has to pay challan have to go to the concerned office and wait for long outside the office to submit the fine. As this e-challan method will start, this fine submission process will become easier for the payers. Share this post with your friends.


Follow This Steps For Pay Challan Online :-

     First Step : Applicants have to follow the further stated steps to check the e-challan status:  To check the status of e-challan applicants need to go to the official website of E-Challan – Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution

    From the home page of the website, you need to click “check challan status” option from menu bar. 

 Thanks For visit Our Educational Blog. 


E-Challan – Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution




         E Challan Status
        A new web page will appear on the screen where you need to chose “Challan Number” or “vehicle Number” or “DL Number”
        Thereafter enter the chosen information and then enter captcha code shows on the screen
        Challan Details
        Click “get details” option and your challan related information will appear on the screen
        Second Step.
        Now after that click on the Pay Now option.
        After that Choose your desired option to pay your challan fine.
        Now after the successful payment generate the Challan Receipt online

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Friday, January 1, 2021

Horoscope Of The Day 03/01/2021

 Horoscope Of The Day 03/01/2021 :- Exactly when you thrive for progress, each day checks. Stay tuned to your consistent horoscope for gaining by your day. Each productive man has an aware cerebrum and heart all through his outing.

Hit the Bull’s eye by checking your exercises and plan for the day. Make sure to illuminate your colleagues or sweethearts concerning their day with our savvy and fair horoscope consistently.

Exact Daily Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign

Need to know what the day holds coming up for you? Anxious to figure out how the sun and planets are arranging? With your free everyday horoscope, you’ll get ordinary reports on what to pay special mind to and what the future says in the stars! Possibly the zodiac is disclosing to you that today is a day for innovation, or perhaps your sign is revealing to you that adoration is coming up.

The moon’s stage may be ideal for propelling your vocation, or the hubs could be moving toward family matters. Your horoscope today will be not the same as your horoscope tomorrow, and you would prefer not to botch a chance!
Don’t have the foggiest idea about your zodiac sign’s significance? Each zodiac sign in 2020 is point by point above, refreshed every day to prepare you for a day that is splendid and important.



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Norton Clean, Junk Removal Android APK Download Free 2021

Norton Clean, Junk Removal Android APK Download Free 2021 :-Norton Clean is a cleaner app that will help you reclaim storage space on your Android device by cleaning junk, removing residual files & optimizing memory.


Don’t have enough storage to take more pictures or install apps? Norton, the world's leading cyber security software provider, now sweeps your memory cache and storage clean of residual and junk files to remove clutter from your Android device and help speed up performance.

Install Norton Clean app cleaner and memory cleaner to remove junk and free up memory space:

✔ Clean and clear cache
✔ Identify and remove junk, APK, and residual files
✔ Optimize memory space
✔ Manage apps and get rid of bloatware



✸ Cache Cleaner
◦ Helps clean residual cache system files often left by uninstalled apps to free up Android phone or tablet disk space

✸ Junk Remover
◦ Storage cleaner helps analyze, cleanup and safely remove the junk files that take up your memory and storage space

✸ APK File Remover
◦ Helps remove obsolete Android Package (.apk) files (many of these files are large) that are manually installed via the Android Package Installer to reclaim phone or tablet storage space

✸ Residual File Remover
◦ Delete cache and residual files to free up phone, tablet and SD card storage space
◦ The junk-creating behavior of millions of apps has been analyzed so that Norton Clean can intelligently and efficiently hone in on its targets (cache and residual files) with amazing accuracy

✸ Memory Optimizer
◦ Perform a clean sweep removal of junk files that waste memory space and compromise device performance
◦ Norton Clean is a junk remover for your cache and temporary files, and even lets you identify and remove apps you rarely use – helping to reduce clutter and reclaiming memory to store new apps, photos and videos

✸ App Cleaner
◦ Clean cache for individual apps

✸ App Manager
◦ Uninstall bloatware, unwanted, or background apps
◦ Receive recommendations for removal of rarely used apps [1]
◦ Move apps to your SD memory card



With this service you receive the right to use Norton Clean for the specified service period, which begins upon initial installation and activation. This renewable service includes protection updates, as available throughout the service period, subject to acceptance of the Norton License Agreement included with this product and available for review at Product features may be added, modified or removed during the service period.
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Listen to new music and play podcasts APK Download Free 2020 | Application

Listen to new music and play podcasts APK Download Free 2020 | Application :-With Spotify, you can listen to music and play millions of songs and podcasts for free. Stream music and podcasts you love and find music - or your next favorite song - from all over the world. 


 • Discover new music, albums, and podcasts
• Search for your favorite song, artist, or podcast
• Enjoy music playlists and an unique daily mix made just for you
• Make and share your own playlists
• Explore the top songs from different genres, places, and decades
• Find music for any mood and activity

• Listen to music and more on your mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV, and speakers


Play podcasts and music for free on your mobile and tablet with Spotify. Download albums, playlists, or just that one song and listen to music offline, wherever you are.

With Spotify, you have access to a world of free music, curated playlists, artists, and podcasts you love. Discover new music, podcasts, top songs or listen to your favorite artists, albums. Create your own music playlists with the latest songs to suit your mood.

Spotify makes streaming music easy with curated playlists and thousands of podcasts you can’t find anywhere else. Find music from your favorite artists, and listen to new music for free.

• Free music and podcasts made easy – Listen to a playlist, album, or the top songs from any genre on shuffle mode.

Listen to music and podcasts on your tablet for free
• Play any song, artist, podcast, album, or playlist and enjoy a personalized music experience with a daily mix to match your taste.

 < Download APK Now


Spotify Premium features
• Listen to an album, playlist, or podcast without ad breaks. With Spotify you can play music by any artist, at any time on any device--mobile, tablet, or your computer.
• Download to listen to music offline, wherever you are.
• Jump back in and listen to your top of songs.
• Enjoy amazing sound quality on personalized music and podcasts.
• Discover new music or curated playlists that suit your mood. With Spotify you’ll get a personalized music experience like no other.
• No commitment - cancel any time you like.

Want to discover new music?
Find music that you’ll love today! Explore our curated music playlists, top songs and albums, or get personalized music recommendations with your daily mix.

Love Spotify?
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit digital privacy for more information.

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Best App For Learning English Hello English App 2021

Best App For Learning English Hello English App 2021 :- Learn spoken English and Grammar from Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Malay, Urdu, Malay, Bangladeshi Bengali, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, Malayalam, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish and Nepali. A free English learning course used by over 50 Million learners for spoken English, grammar, and vocabulary building.


 Hello, English by CultureAlley is the number 1 ranked free Educational App, and the best free App to learn English.

Awarded Google's Editor's Choice 2018, 2017; "INDIA’S BEST MOBILE APP OF 2017" By IAMAI, Google's Best Apps for 2016.


- 475 Interactive Lessons: 100% free interactive lessons with conversational English, grammar topics, vocabulary, and more. All lessons work offline as well.


- Interactive Games: On reading, translation, spellings, grammar, vocabulary. With immediate results and grammar tips.

- Discussions with teachers: Ask questions on grammar and translations to teachers.

- Practice using daily news and videos: Learn with the latest news, articles, audio-video clips, and e-books.

- Conversation and speaking practice game: Hold daily-use conversations by speaking into the App - improve your spoken English skills.

- 10,000 words Dictionary: Learn new words, and hear their pronunciation.

- Play with friends: Multi-player games and quizzes to practice English with learners across the globe

- ChatBots: Learn English with chatbots

- Know Your Rank: Win coins and know your global and city rank.

Download the free App right away to help with your dream job interview, or with an exam, or to impress your friends! Improve English speaking, writing, reading and comprehension, and listening skills. Speak English with confidence

Download APK Now 

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